The Youth Club of the Šabac City Theatre was founded in 2018, as a programme intended for young people interested in theatre, art and culture.

The Youth Club consists of volunteers, their task being support in organising and promoting programmes.

In return, the Šabac City Theatre grants these young people opportunities for continuous learning from professionals, as well as from our guest artists, who frequently include them in their productions, or give them lectures and involve them in workshops and exercises. Furthermore, members of the Youth Club get the chance to create and realise their own programmes within the premises of the Šabac City Theatre.

All the young people living in Šabac and having recommendation of a senior member, can become members of the Youth Club. Once a year, the Šabac City Theatre organises an audition for new Youth Club members, and all the interested candidates can apply, providing that they are aged 16-26 years.

The Youth Club’s work is a unique example of involving young people in daily operation of a cultural institution. Within the Šabac City Theatre, this club has its space (the so-called “headquarters”) where the meetings and workshops are held regularly.

Due to these young people, gathering daily in the Šabac City Theatre, our team, as well as our audience, have become younger.

The establishment of the Youth Club of the Šabac City Theatre is a part of a wider strategy of our institution, dedicated to continuous audience development and stimulation of youth’s creativity and activism through art and culture.

  1. Within the year of the Youth Club’s establishment, three members enrolled drama schools!
  2. In the first year of the Youth Club’s operation, its team participated in the organisation of seven festivals. This makes these young people an experienced festival team.
  3. Members of the Youth Club work as assistants, actors, technical and general support, they check tickets, usher the audience in, welcome guests… while also preparing their own cultural and artistic programmes.
  4. The number of Youth Club members is constantly rising!
  5. In 2020, the main YC project is revitalisation of the Šabac City Theatre’s Small Stage.