White Mane is a story about a friendship between a boy and a horse. This production is in fact based on four stories. One is recounted by the boy, another by the horse, third by Antonio the groom, and fourth by the Boss, the owner of the estate where the events take place. It is up to the audience to collect and combine all their stories.

The production is intended for children from the age of six, but also for the adults who have not forgotten what friendship and freedom are, and why it is important to take children to theatre.

Authors of the stories and performers: Miloš Vojnović, Dušan Simić, Ivan Tomašević, Vladimir Milojević, Siniša Maksimović, Deana Kostić

Assistants: Jovana Omerović, Filip Trifunović, Igor Antić, Luka Lazarević, Đorđe Urban, Goran Dimitrijević, Iva Tadić, Sonja Makević, Marija Marković (members of the Šabac City Theatre Youth Club)

Graphic Design: Kombinart

Technical Manager: Radivoj Kostadinović

Sound: Kosta Pavlović

Lighting: Luka Popović

Tailoring Works: Zlatomir Nenadović, Dragica Vujković

Make-up and Hair: Gordana Barović

Wardrobe: Danijela Dragojević and Biljana Kostadinović

Public Relations: Jelena Ivetić

Props: Mirjana Neziri

Decor: Čedomir Vučinić, Ivan Jovanović, Josip Ucaj, Mladen Simić

We thank Photo Nera, Sovranije Čonjagić and the Šabac Hippodrome

ŠKART KOLEKTIV (Dragan Protić, Đorđe Bamazović and collaborators) was formed in 1990 at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. Through potential “architecture of human relationships”, the collective experiments in poetry, design, something and everything. They are adept in making mistakes beautiful.

TIJANA GRUMIĆ has long dreamt of excavating dinosaurs once she grew up, yet she ended up mainly prospecting her inner self. She writes dramatic texts, works as a dramatist and theatre is her greatest love – because it is omnipotent.

BORIS MLADENOVIĆ has played in band Jarboli since high school. He studied painting at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Belgrade. He creates music as a composer, lyricist, guitar player, singer, bass guitar player, producer, sound recorder, arranger, sound designer and dub master. He does not paint.

IRENA RISTIĆ is engaged in the fields of art and science. She writes, rehearses, directs, conceives and performs works. She has inclination towards social experiments and psychological research in art. She teaches, writes, publishes, edits and discusses with students, only to be able to write some more.

RENÉ GUILLOT (1900-1969) was a French author. He lived in French colonies in Africa for more than two decades, where he worked as a teacher. He was a laureate of the “Hans Christian Andersen” award for children’s literature.


There are theatrical plays dealing with different subjects, and their plot can be unfolded in different ways. Our White Mane is special in both its subject and the manner in which the plot is unfolded. However, what is the most special about this play and the production thereof is trust – trust as majorly important topic in White Mane, but also the trust we placed in each other during the production.  Just like boy Folco, who embarked on an adventure with his friend, the white foal, we also embarked on the adventure of creating a production unlike any other that we had made, or seen before, a production which deals with the ways in which a single story can be told, but also with the questions of what truth is, and whether there is just a single version of the truth – a production which allowed us to test our own boundaries and limitations, as well as boundaries and limitations of theatre. And you know what? There are not any.

We all remember White Mane as a book on our primary school required reading lists. However, this made us try to make a production which is not exclusively for children, but also for us who have long finished our school. We believe that stories of trust, friendship, freedom, nature, justice and love concern us all.

Creators of the production