Based on the funny and sad play by Jovan Jovanović Zmaj

Directed and Dramatized by: Nebojša Savić

Assistant Director: Jelica Alić

Stage Design: Dušan Arsenić

Costumes: Selena Tomašević

Stage Movement and Choreography: Pjer Rajković

Music: Lole Paic

Music Postproduction: Uroš Tomić

Music in the production’s promotional music video: Milan Đurđević


Radmila, the good fairy: Angelina Lukić

Princess Kafina: Maja Lukić

King Ritibimslav: Branko Antonić

Jester: Stefan Trifunović

Bandit and Cupid: Strahinja Barović

Technical Services Manager: Veseljko Belušević

Realisation: Aleksandar Tomić

Sound Master: Zoran Velimirović

Lighting Master: Luka Popović i Tomislav Paunović Spotlight Operator: Mladen Simić Stage Design Assistant: Goran Vuković Helped a lot by: Sandra Pujić Wardrobe and Props: Milica Radović Make-up: Gordana Barović Decorators: Stefan Dušan Jevtić, Zoran Ilić and Čedomir Vučinić

“Unfortunate Kafina” is a show about fortune and happiness. About the fortune found in unfortunate circumstances – a silver lining to every cloud. The show which fortunately has happy ending. It is like when life offers you a lot of lemon, and you make a huge amount of lemonade. Like looking through rose-tinted glasses.

Our story is unfolded on a court. In medieval courts, only jester could tell the king truth without bearing the consequences, could entertain without mincing their words, the king’s own private stand-up comedians. Yet they could not merry a princess. In theatre, even this kind of miracle is possible. If you use rose-tinted glasses.

We live and work for the moments of joy and happiness. We created this show so we could happily perform it. And we can be happy and joyful, only when you, who watch the show, are happy and joyful too. And this is where this circle of happiness is closed, with the rose-tinted prospect of being further expanded.

Nebojša Savić