B. M. Mihiz


DIRECTED BY: Nebojša Bradić

Abduction of a woman often precedes wartime conflicts and battles. The abduction of Helen of Sparta required Menelaus’ vengeance, thus causing the Trojan War. There is logic to major conflicts being preceded by fateful kidnappings and looting, as these intensifies animosity and a desire for revenge.

Play Banović Strahinja takes place on the eve of the Battle of Kosovo. The importance of the event was derived from the assessment that everything was at stake: the life and death and survival of the Balkan peoples. This image of a powerful empire about to crumble, with the dilemma that Borislav Mihajlović wished to illuminate in this collapse, appears to be a kind of a warning that the famous dramatist lent all his rhetoric fervour.

Theatre is obliged to pay its dues to tradition and to re-examine and re-appreciate the sacrosanct values with modern man’s awareness, understanding and imagination.