Svetislav Basara



The government in Serbia is good. One should side with it and give it the very last piece of one’s heart. Traitor is anyone who dares criticising the government. The government here has always been sympathetic towards us and has given it all to us. Why would anyone slender it? It is easy to slender and quite hard to roll one’s sleeves and work.

The Government cares for its labourers and does its best to provide them with work and save them from privatisation.

The government should be trusted because it has always stuck to its principles and ideology. No foreign power, or capital influenced our government.

Our rulers are people with clear conscience, their hands have never been bloody and they have nothing to hide from Europe, the rest of the world, and especially from us, because we know very well who they are.

Marko Torlaković


Marko Torlaković was born on 4 May 1992 in Sombor. He graduated theatre and radio direction from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in a class mentored by Professor Egon Savin. He received Hugo Klajn award for the best student of theatre direction. He staged his graduation play, entitled THE CELL OF FIRE in the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad.