Zoran Karajić

Glumac i selektor

    ZORAN KARAJIĆ (Šabac, 1951) is an actor and the long term General Manager of the Šabac City Theatre. He was a Principal Drama Artist in the theatres in Kruševac, Užice and Šabac. He appeared in more than two hundred theatrical roles, seven films, a dozen TV series and more than ten radio dramas for the Radio Belgrade. For his artistic work, he received more than thirty major awards and accolades. He headed the Šabac City Theatre from 2004, up until 2018, when he was retired. During his management, the theatre had a series of major successes, which resulted in Karajić receiving the award “Nikola Peca Petrović” in 2016, as the best theatrical manager in Serbia. He was also the founder of the THEATRE SPRING Festival and the selector for the first five instalments of the festival.