Marko Ribić

Glumac i asistent režije

    MARKO RIBIĆ (Šabac, 1994) started his theatre journey in 2004, as a member of Independent Drama Association “Cheerful Monkey (Veselo Majmunče)”. Three years later, he received the supporting actor award at the “Festić” festival of theatre for Children, in the “Boško Buha” theatre in Belgrade. In 2011, he received the “Raša Plaović” award at the Children Theatre Festival in Ub. As one of the founders of the “Vožd” Youth Theatre, he directed and co-directed the following productions: “The Travelling Theatre Troupe Šopalović”, “Antigone” and “The Miracle in Sargan”. In 2017, at the DOPS festival in Jagodina, he won the best director award. In the Šabac City Theatre, he has been engaged as an actor, assistant director and coordinator of the Youth Club. He appeared in the following productions: “Auditor for South-East”, “Hajduks”, “Edgetown (Rubište)”, “Mata Hari”, “Puss in Boots”… He was the assistant director to Bojan Đorđević (“Rule of the Thumb”) and Jelena Bogavac (“Anne Frank”). In the production of “Anne Frank” he is engaged as the stage manager. His formal education is medical, and he successfully works as a healthcare professional. He facilitates workshops based on psychodrama techniques.