Ivana Terzić


    IVANA TERZIĆ (Šabac, 1985) is an actress. She graduated acting from the Faculty of Arts in Pristina (displaced to Kosovska Mitrovica) in a class mentored by Prof Božidar Boško Dimitrijević. After her graduation in 2011, she enrolled MA programme at the Acting Department of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, where she was mentored by Dragan Petrović Pele and in 2013 she receives her MA degree. For almost a decade, she has successfully led the Youth’s Stage of the Janko Veselinović Theatre in Bogatić, as a director and drama pedagogists. As of 2014, she is the head of the Šabac Cultural Industry, an association which work on developing contemporary artistic production and promoting young artists’ creativity and innovation. She participated in the establishment of the Čačak City Theatre. In addition to her engagement in the Šabac City Theatre, she cooperated with BITEF Theatre and Hartefakt Foundation in Belgrade. The important productions that she was involved in include: “Diaboliad”, “Private Fears in Public Places, “Jovča”, “Werther: Either You Have Hope, or You Don’t Have Hope”, “The Abduction and Ascension of Juliana K”, “Life is a Dream”, “The Island” , “Workers’ Triptych”, “Rule of the Thumb”… Apart from her theatrical roles, she also appeared on television and in films.