Duško Stevanović


    DUŠKO STEVANOVIĆ (Belgrade, 1955) has been a member of the resident ensemble of the Šabac City Theatre since 1980. He started acting as a child, when he was a member of the Drama Studio for Children and Youth and received a stipend from the Radio Television Belgrade. At the time, he worked in a number of theatres, including the Atelje 212 theatre and the National Theatre in Belgrade. He regularly appeared in the drama programmes of the Radio Belgrade. In the Šabac City Theatre, he performed major roles in the following productions: “The Meeting Point”; “The Miracle in Sargan”; “The Coup”; “The Stewardesses”; “Crossroads”; “A Suspicious Person”; “Selector”; “Serbian Roulette”; “The Bereaved Family”; “The Brewery”; “The Travelling Theatre Troupe Šopalović”; “The Importance of Being Earnest”; “The Patrioteers”; “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”; “The Life is Beautiful”, “Crazy Night in Hotel Yugoslavia”; “House Painters Arrive”; “Mannerly Cheapskate”; “The Meeting Point” and others… He appeared in numerous TV series, the most importantly: “Our Home’s a Stage (Pozorište u kući)”, “Good Night, Children (Laku noć, deco)” and “Happy People (Srećni ljudi)”, as well as in three instalments of the “Foolish Years (Lude godine)” film franchise. Generations of Šabac residents remember him as Joja, in the cult production for children “Good Night, Joja”.